Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Detective Squirrel

Dear Blog,

I like squirrels. I found a picture of a squirrel in clothes (see "About Me"). The superior intelligence and motor skills required to put on these clothes and the style of dress this squirrel has chosen lead me to believe that this is the Dick Tracy of squirrels. I'd love to meet him or the squirrel who fashioned his clothing some day.

I've told the squirrels around here that I am trying to find him. It seems they are trying to tell me where he is head quartered, but will only do it through a series of clues. I must continue to examine and investigate their actions. The only way to find Detective Squirrel is to become Detective Squirrel.


ps. It seems Taylor Squirrel makes military uniforms also

pps. I wonder if he would make a detective outfit for Moose

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